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About Lychee Redmine

LycheeRedmine is a plugin suite for the open source project management software Redmine.

Boost your Redmine experience by adding new must-have functionalities.

Features of the product
Visualizing the Redmine project management capabilities

Abundant plugin, make Redmine more useful

Make Redmine more useful with a variety of plugins

From an intuitive Drag-and-Drop Gantt Chart, over visualizing, scheduling, and planning your workers’ capacity, our plugins will help you to finish your work quick and easy.
You can chose the plugins you want to use depending on the situation.
Want to to use EVM for full-scale project development? Leave it to us!

Flexible customize

Free customization

Based on the open source Redmine project, a wide range of customization is possible.
With specifications that are not vendor-dependent, customers can customize freely as needed.

Custom-made is available upon request

We will create functions as requested!

Lychee Redmine was originally created to realize the voices of our customers.
If there is a function that you would like to be implemented, please feel free to contact us.
We will create the function.


Gantt chart

More simple and faster.
A Gantt chart used only for viewing data becomes a Gantt chart that can be touched.

Intuitive controls are possible without documentation. Speedy, convenient and easy-to-use at the same time.
The simplicity is what makes the Lychee Gantt chart useful.


KANBAN board

Using the “Task board”, you can quickly grasp who is developing what, and also the situation of the team!
The Lychee ticket board supports agile development

KANBAN board


You can create the Redmine version as a sprint to visualize tickets that are handled for each sprint.
The priority can be confirmed at a glance, and the order along with sprints can be moved simply by dragging and dropping!


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