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About Lychee Redmine

Lychee Redmine is an extension plugin for the open source project management software “REDMINE”.

A lot of functions not present in the standard version of REDMINE have been added to make it easier to use.

The three features of Lychee Redmine
which help visualize Redmine project management

Abundant plugin, make Redmine more useful

A variety of plugins making Redmine easier to use

Different plugins, first and foremost “Touchable Gantt Chart”, make visualizing and managing schedules, work hours, and resources much easier.
The plugins can be chosen freely according to one’s personal needs and use scenarios. They will also be useful for large-scale projects such as EVM.

Flexible customize

Free customization

As it is based on the open source Redmine, being freely customizable is one of Lychee Redmine’s advantages.
As the vendor does not control the product, the users can customize it as they see fit.

Custom-made is available upon request

We will implement the functions you want!

Lychee Redmine was born by listening to the users’ needs. If it is lacking a function which you would like it to have, feel free to tell us and we will implement it.


Schedule Management

  • Gantt chart

  • KANBAN board

  • Backlog

Resource Management

  • Time

  • Resource

Lychee Basics

  • Project

  • Project

Project Report

  • Project Report


  • EVM

Custom Fields

  • Custom Fields

Ticket Chart

  • Ticket
    Relation Chart

Kanban (for different people in charge)

Assess the team status at a glance and know who is developing what with the Kanban system!
The Lychee ticket board helps create an agile development environment.

KANBAN board

Ticket board & Backlog

The Lychee ticket board includes a backlog function to support an agile development environment.
Each Redmine version is created as a sprint, and the tickets to be used for each sprint are visualized.
The tickets can be assigned to each sprint from the backlog lane by dragging and dropping.


Schedule management

Easier. Faster. The Gantt charts which you could only see, you can now “touch” and control directly.
The intuitive controls do not require a manual.
This plugin is fast, convenient, and easy to use.
Lychee’s simplicity is one of its strong suits.


Reference price

Schedule management
10 users monthly

+Server price $180 / mon

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